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Marketing to the Data Driven Customer

Customers with digital DNA expect data driven value The digital native generation is bringing new expectations to brand relationships. They are mobile first, crowd sourced, and data savvy. Their first and most frequent interaction with your brand will be digital and mobile. They find out what’s cool, what’s trending, and …

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Data, Marketing, and Supply-chains: Insight from the IBM Smarter Commerce Conference

Envisioning your role within a larger context opens up possibilities. “Marketing” is mostly an internal work categorization. So, why limit your vision to marketing’s traditional box? The IBM Smarter Commerce conference is unique. It isn’t really a marketing conference. Instead, marketing is placed within the context of the overall commercial …

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The Personalization Paradox: To get more personal, B2B marketers need to think in terms of accounts

Personalization is fast becoming a de facto customer expectation. In the old days of B2B marketing (i.e. today) people go to your web home page, scan for links, click around and hopefully find their way to the most relevant information. That model is quickly being replaced by the social-mobile model …

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